Thursday, January 26, 2006


Sorry, today is a bitchy day. Bear with me.

In November I offered a custom scrapbook for auction at church. This is over a $100 value, a completely personalized customized 7x7 book. They asked for retail value and a sample. I gave them the value and (for those of you who have seen it) Evan's birth-5 album. I left it in the pastor's office and emailed the woman who was coordinating the event that it was there, using the email that is in our bi-weekly bulletin.

She called a day or two before the auction asking where my sample was. Thankfully Rob spoke to her because I would have bitten her head off, telling her she needed to check her email. Of course, Rob would never be so bold (and, yes, rude) as to say that. So the fact that her OLD email addy has been being printed in the bulletin was not caught.

In mid-January, after finding out that said album did not spark much interest from auctioneer, bidders, or coodinator and went for a mere $35, I emailed her to ask for contact information. Of course, it was the wrong email address, so it did no good. Upon realizing it had gone nowhere because I got no response, I called the church and got the correct email address. I pointed out that the wrong one was in the bulletin. Last weekend's bulletin was still wrong.

So I emailed and asked for the info. She responded and said that I had the right addy this time and the info would be forthcoming. That was January 13.

I emailed her earlier this week telling her I really needed the info. No reply.

Well, today she got an email, CC:'d to the minister, telling her if I don't have the info by Jan. 31 I am pulling out. She can explain that to the buyer. And believe me, they won't find anybody else to do a book for $35 measly bucks.

I have several projects in progress here. Now that's not Crystal's fault, but I did specify IN NOVEMBER that I needed to have this project started early in the year because of other commitments (including, but not limited to, a cross-country move this July).

Why do people SUCK? Honestly, it's not that difficult -- she can't be any MORE busy than anyone else (which is a topic I shall adress shortly here) -- why can't she just be courteous, get me the information so I can contact the buyer myself, and get the hell out of the way?

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