Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Short post today -- I am hosting a meeting tonight so I have to get laundry done and a little cleaning. (Thanks to you , FlyLady, not a lot of cleaning!)

I was correcting papers for my 3rd grader's teacher last night and Rob was watching TV -- Monster Garage with Jesse James, to be exact. Now, I don't mind the show occasionally, but OMG that puking announcer has GOT to go. I absolutely HATE being roared at when I'm watching TV. But I digress. The show's premise, if you're unaware, is that they combine a vehicle with something completely unrelated to get a totally unique vehicle. Last night's project? A cop car with a donut fryer in the trunk, a conveyor belt that carries the donuts under an icing waterfall, and deposits them in the front next to the intrepid investigator in the driver's seat. Fun-ny. Honestly. Jesse James cracks me the hell up. And that wry little wiseass smile of his? It's one of my favorite things. Now if we could just get rid of the Puke-Master announcer. Bob Runda would have a fit! (Shout out to all the DINFOS grads.....)

And a second bit on TV. I don't watch Cold Case on CBS. Well, I don't watch anything on CBS. Ever since that stupid-ass Raymond show. Anyway, I heard Cold Case was doing a show using a bunch of Springsteen songs as a soundtrack. Of course I had to tape it -- it was the weekend we went to Reno -- and I just got around to watching it last night. The story was really gut-wrenching, and the songs were the perfect complement to it. All of his wistful, longing lyrics were put to their perfect use in that show. Oh, and it reminded me all over again why I absolutely LOVE that man. I think I owe myself an all-Bruce post one day. I'll wax poetic on all things Bruce. Yeah, you're gonna love that post.

Okay, maybe not. But I am.


  1. Quick, send him a pencil and a tennis ball to get rid of that puking!! Where IS Mr. Runda when you need him??

  2. Anonymous7:44 PM

    I piggyback my shout out to DINFOS people with yours.

    To stay in touch with them, I've developed two unofficial, unauthorized websites: