Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh! Mimi!!!!!!!!

OMG, what a GREAT treat today -- when I really needed it. I joined a swap (for you non-scrappers, that's when you send anonymous gifts of scrapbooking supplies to someone, they send to someone else, etc. and everybody both sends and receives a surprise).

I got my package today from my "Secret Cupid." Whoa! It was chock full of awesome scrapbooking goodies -- see photo below -- and it had a cute little homemade card with a poem on it detailing the story of our friendship. Sooooo clever and funny. The best part was some foam stamps that I haven't been able to get around here ... and here they are, mine, all mine! Bwahahahahahahahaha!

It was a stressful morning -- I babysat for a friend's child while she was having chemo. This kid is SO stressed right now (who wouldn't be?) and wanted Mommy and Daddy. There was nothing I could do to comfort the poor little thing, so I was relieved when Daddy came. And then Mimi's package arrived, and I have been bouncing off the walls ever since.

Hey Mimi, if you ever lurk here, leave a comment, willya? And thanks, Evil Twin. You really are the BEST.

I just realized the chocolate is not in the photo. Uhhh, that would be because, well, because it's already been opened -- and it's yummy! Good ol' Mimi, she even remembered I'm a chocolate snob and got me the good stuff (dark chocolate is my fave). Thanks again! I am feeling SOOO spoiled!


  1. Anonymous10:06 PM

    Awwww...thanks for immortalizing me on your blog Jennifer! You're too sweet! :) I'm so happy that you liked everything, and that it brightened your otherwise stressful day!
    Your Evil Twin,
    Mimi :)

  2. Talk about a load of scrapbooking LOOT!! Saaaweeeeeeet...

  3. I am glad that you liked your package. Always good to get something in the mail besides bills, direct mail ads and other crap.