Monday, January 08, 2007

He is SO good!

I promised my husband I would post about this after he got it done. We finished our basement bathroom in 2001 or 2002. Except the baseboards and trim around the door (and the ceiling, which will eventually be a plain white dropped ceiling with the 2x2 foot tiles). It is a small room. Tiny. We actually took out a closet and made it bigger and it still is tiny. But it is finished. (Well, except for that ceiling, but we're waiting for my dad to come and help install it.)

And it looks awesome. He used prefinished baseboards from Menard's and added a door to cover an access area to the sewer pipes. The room is much warmer now and have I mentioned it looks great?

I chose not to overwhelm you with photos, so these are a shot of the lovely baseboards and one of the mirror over the sink, a shelf over the toilet, and the beautiful North Woods lake and loons wallpaper border. The wall color is Blueberry Popover. Nice, huh?

I absolutely love that he is so handy. And thanks to my folks for the compound miter saw that helped get the job done.


  1. Looks good. Michael and I re did his bathroom over the holiday from a fish theme to one of Wild Animals. Fits right in here.

  2. Susan3:09 PM

    You know, when Rob runs out of things to do at your house, you can just send him out here...

    Looks great, love the blue!

  3. Okay-- I'm really jealous about the pre-finished baseboards. Why the hell can't we find them in California? They would-a come in real handy on a recent project.