Thursday, January 04, 2007

It's a tradition

I got bronchitis one spring/early summer when I was a teenager -- must've been '84 or '85. And I got it every winter after that for years. I got it when I was on my way from North Dakota to Brazil in a student exchange program. When I was in the Army I got it so bad I ended up in the hospital. I was stationed in Georgia, and despite the mild winters, I still got bronchitis. All through college, even the year I was pregnant with Garrett. That landed me on bedrest for a week or 10 days. In December 2003, we missed Garrett's school program because we were all desperately ill (except him). And in July/August of 2005 the whole family was sick with bronchitis/pneumonia, something.

Seriously. I have had enough of this. And last night, after I have been fighting some crud for a week, feeling icky for a day or two, then fine, then icky again, the last straw broke. I woke up at 3 AM feeling like I was swallowing razor blades.

A visit to the doc, a diagnosis of -- surprise! Bronchitis, and a strep test. What fun. The quick strep test came back negative but the last time I had it, it took 72 hours for a positive to show. So I am on mega antibiotics and cough syrup with codeine.

I'm looking for a new tradition -- this one is getting old. Any ideas?


  1. Wow- That REALLY sucks. I'm sorry you're ill. Get better soon.

  2. take a protein supplement, it has really helped cut down on my bronchitis outbreaks since I drink it in a supplement.

  3. My wife and I have had this crud for three weeks and it still doesn't want to go away. Went to the doctor and he gave me some eye drops, but said there was nothing for the congestion. It really has made for a miserable Winter break.
    Coming by way of Brian's blog