Sunday, January 21, 2007

So here's the thing ...

You once wrote me a letter telling me not to judge people. In that same letter you basically told me that I am the root cause of all the bad things that have ever occurred in our family.

I don't blame you for wanting to defend your loved one; it is a natural response. But may I point out that I, too, have a loved one who has been wronged. Am I not allowed to rise up in his defense? And what gives now, since I have honored your wishes expressed so maliciously five years ago? I don't contact you or your loved one. I want no more to do with you than you want with me.

But now it seems you are having your own issues with being judgmental ... and you are withholding someone else's personal property in order to hurt me.

Feel however you want -- I don't really care. But I wish you would let the anger toward me go, or have the balls to tell me what the fuck it was that I did to you when I was a child and you were already an adult.

I have more than my share of faults, and I will admit to all of them. Somehow, though, I still can't believe that I am as evil and horrible a person as you make me out to be.

Honestly, this is why I do genealogy -- I like all of my dead relatives so much better than the ones who are still breathing.


  1. Still waiting for the clarinet then?

  2. Jennifer, hang in there. You rock and you know we think that so let those people piss off.