Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Top 10 things I've said at least 500 times to my kids

Thanks to Lesley for the challenge.

10. What's your glitch? Stolen from a movie ... and it is funny because I really hate Ben Stiller. But anyway, I said this to toddlers throwing tantrums, kids who wouldn't listen, and crying babies. So much so that when Spence was a baby Evan came to me and said, "Mom, Spencer is crying and I don't know what his glitch is."

9. Just a minute/ In a minute. I am so guilty of this. I remember my mom saying "In a minute" when we were somewhere and she was having coffee. A minute could equal an hour if we played our cards right. I am the same way. "I'll get your juice in a minute." Meanwhile, the child is looking like he's been lost in the Gobi for a month and I keep him waiting longer. I can't explain it, I just do it.

8. Buckle up. They have all spent their entire lives riding in car seats. Every time they get in the van I remind them; sometimes several times. Why is this one hard? I do not know.

7. Don't [insert verb here] your brother. Hit, kick, punch, tickle, annoy, tease, torment ... just about anything that would get you in trouble with the Geneva Convention fits in this category. Plus some that might surprise you.

6. Remember to act like gentlemen. Not that they always do, but it's a good thing to remind them of my expectations, right?

5. That is not appropriate behavior. Another one from Evan: he was 2. Barely 2. We were at the grocery store and Garrett was doing ... something. God only knows. And Evan pipes up, "That's not appropriate behavior, is it mom?" Two little old ladies near us in the produce section almost lost their dentures.

4. Clean up your room. Based on events that transpired last weekend, I do not feel a need to provide a further description of that phrase at this time.

3. Be quiet! Why is this one always shouted? HEL-LOOOOOOOO. Yet I do it every time.

2. No! Just that. over and over and over again ...

1. I love you.


  1. At least we all say, "I love you" at some point... I have to admit I do the "in a minute" thing too. Like right now--- while I'm on the computer --- one of my children will need something the exact second I begin to type.

  2. Funny! You're still a good mom!

  3. Oh My! I could copy and paste your list straight into my blog and only change two things: (1) we say "What's your malfunction?" instead of glitch and (2) I would change don't (verb) your cousin since Spencer is an only child but my nephew is with us ALL the time!!! Great list!