Friday, February 16, 2007


* a quiet Valentine's day with heart-shaped pizza and red jello in fancy goblets for dinner

*finished my newspaper op-ed piece with much-needed help and clarification from a friend. Thank you so much for your thoughtful constructive criticism. I value your opinion so much.

*sister-in-law and nieces came for dinner, too, and brought a bottle of Cuervo. LOL

*G and E have a science fair tonight so the boys have been preparing all week

*cleaned up a little of the "crap room" while Spence has been at school

*planning a "girl's weekend" with my mom and another mother/daughter pair (my first one EVER with my mom)

*shopped at JoAnn Fabrics today and found some things I had been looking for AND a couple of $1 items for the boys' day off Monday

*also found the new DCWV Spring Stack at JoAnn's. Must have this paper and cardstock.

*got my car washed today. The cheap wash, with the undercarriage add-on. After the snow melts I will go have the twice-a-year-super-mega-chichifroufrou-inside/outside wash. I love that wash.

It's the weekend, baby! Whatcha gonna do for fun? Make it a good one. Mwah!

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