Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I talked to the principal

of the school. He had some good insight, he backed up my handling of the initial incident, and gave me a book and some ideas as to how I can bring the point up again when I am not completely overwhelmed with horror. He also offered to talk to the offending child if I wanted. I didn't tell him who it was, and I am going to wait and see how things go. My perception of these kids is that their behavior is so unacceptable at school that their parents MUST be clueless; however, one teacher I talked with claims the parents are very involved and are active participants in their children's education and discipline. I am not seeing it, but who knows what MY kids do when I am not around? It seems that much of parenting involves being able to take a wait and see attitude.

That, and knowing when a fart joke is just a fart joke.


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