Monday, February 19, 2007


No school today because of the Presidents' Day holiday. My boys are sitting at the dining table making Perler bead projects. They are fun but I do get annoyed with the ironing. Oh well, I have a bunch saved up so will finish them all off today sometime.

Other projects in the works -- painting the wooden puzzles the kids got for Christmas. Garrett got a T-Rex, Evan got a motorcycle, and Spencer got a VW Beetle. The puzzles are very cool and we stopped at Wal-Mart for a bunch of new acrylic paint yesterday. We'll just cover the table with newspaper and have at it.

We'll also break out the awesome flat-sided glass marbles I found in the floral aisle at JoAnn's. They will make terrific magnets with a little patterned paper and some silicon. The kids all have lockers at school so they can bring them there and hang up stuff they usually leave at the bottom to collect dirt and snow from their boots. Ha.

Rob is busy filling out applications these days ... not for work but for an exciting new career-enhancing opportunity. I helped him with some writing last night and I charged him 10 bucks. LOL With the 50% off one item coupon from Michael's I am hitting JoAnn's again today to score that stack. I am addicted. I did tell him why I was charging him, though, and he didn't complain about yet another stack of patterned paper entering the house. At least I'm not a crack whore. Paper whore isn't that bad by comparison.

My decorating book looks great -- I am just randomly picking pages to accessorize right now. Fun stuff -- and the decorating ideas from the mid-60's are pretty amusing, too.


  1. I need to try those half-marble magnets. Please post us some pictures when you make them!

  2. Cool.
    We were supposed to have the day off, but they took it away when we had two snow days last week.