Monday, February 05, 2007

More changes

When we moved into the house in July I had 8 or 10 items that needed frames before they could be hung. I am now down to just 3 items remaining.

I found these shadowbox frames at Bed Bath & Beyond on clearance. They were marked down to $7.99 and $8.99. Not bad. Then I noticed the "Take an additional 50% off the lowest priced tag" sign. And on top of that, the clerk applied an expired 20% off coupon to each of them (I had 2 in my purse). Total for both frames with tax? Just over $6. Woo hoo.

The Catalina Island print went into an old 11x14 frame because I removed a calligraphy piece from it and put that in a dark frame in our bedroom. Sorry for the glare on the Catalina print, but I wanted to show the whole wall.

And here is the calligraphy piece in the bedroom. Note the dresser mirror, which is from my great-grandmother's dresser (which sits in my kitchen right now and will be receiving a major makeover this summer). It doesn't "match" but I really like it.

And I got this laser-cut mat with the frame (which I sanded and painted) from a seller on ebay. I LOVE how it turned out, with photos of some of our favorite places in California. It makes me happy. And I need happy today, in this -20 windchill misery. Although the sun was shining, and that makes a huge difference for me.

*Sigh* I do really miss California, though.


  1. those shadow box frames are cute! what a great deal you got there. I love all the soft ocean blue you have in your decor. It's so relaxing just to look at it.

  2. Anonymous11:32 PM

    the 1st 2 look like those digital frames that our the latest greatest things. they plug into a phone line so gramma can see new pics everyday w/o having to go to the internet/computer.

  3. California Misses you too!

    Love your friends,
    The Galliziolis