Thursday, February 22, 2007

Teegan Tribute ... Thursday

Sorry it's late; Spencer had the flu. Like the Influenza flu. Bad mommy for not getting the kids (or myself) vaccinated.

So this is Amy from Scrapjazz. There are a LOT of Amys at Scrapjazz. Almost as many Amys as there are Jennifers.LOL

Beautiful kids, beautiful photos, beautiful Mom. Thanks for sharing, Amy.


  1. We were very sorry to hear about Spencer. As soon as Annika got into the car yesterday, she told me all about how sick he was (and that's saying A LOT, as she never tells me anything beyond what was served at snack time).

    Last night, she asked me if she could get her Easy Bake oven out to bake him a cake.

  2. hope you're all gonna feel better soon. these are great pics of "the Amy" and her girls!

  3. Awe! These photos mean alot to me, Teegan and Ella are almost the exact same age...... Life goes on, and she is still in our hearts...and more importantly our SOULS.