Saturday, April 21, 2007

California platter

Here it is. The design was modified from another source -- lest you think I am *that* creative. And they have this cool paper that you photocopy a design onto and then when you trace the design it leaves the image (like a carbon copy) on the pottery. The image burns off in the kiln and just the glaze remains. Lest you think I am that artistically gifted. LOL

In case you can't see the detail, there are Redwoods at the top, Mt. Shasta and the Sierras, a skier at Tahoe (the ripples in the lake are puffy LOL). Napa and Sonoma are represented with grapes, natch. The Golden Gate Bridge is also in puffy paint, and the computer represents San Jose and Silicon Valley. Santa Cruz gets the surfer and the artichoke. Those plants have the coolest leaves ever.

Yosemite is represented, although to be honest, we only got as close as the entrance gate once. Never got inside the park. Someday..... Then the majesty of Big Sur, a Golden Poppy (the state flower) outside of LA in the Mojave, a Joshua Tree (those are awesome, too). The star and Mickey represent LA, of course, and I put the palm trees over San Diego because I didn't have a good image for something we saw in SD -- we didn't do Sea World.

All of the blue waves are in puffy paint, too, and I am just tickled with the way it turned out. Totally tempted to do a set of serving pieces to match. Or something. I am just all about this ceramics stuff right now. Love having meaningful pieces that are beautiful AND useful.



  1. Susan9:25 PM

    That is AWESOME! My friend has great talent! :) I love it, you did a fantastic job!

  2. As someone who recently returned from Yosemite.... You NEED to go.
    Great platter.