Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!

This is my mother-in-law in the center. The photographer did this goofy effect to blur the image somewhat. I am not a fan of the soft focus so she'll be removing that before I order any prints. But it is a great photo, no?


  1. Adorable!
    Happy Easter J.

    I wish I could dress my kids in matching outfits... but I don't think Andrew would be happy in a frilly dress.

  2. Rhonda Brown1:33 PM

    What a handsome group of men you have Jennifer and Rob. We wish you all the best this Easter Season. Love, The Browns

  3. What great pictures- I'm so glad JoAnn was there to have her picture with the boys! They are three very handsome fellows! Love, Mom

  4. How cute are they in their matching outfits. Thanks for having lunch with me today. It is always great to see you.

  5. Susan7:48 PM

    They look great! Happy Easter!

  6. Great pictures, Jennifer! Your boys are always so well turned out.