Thursday, December 20, 2007


It's done. Everything went fine. I spent yesterday in bed but so far this morning I am feeling pretty good. I won't be doing too much but at least I can get a little sewing done.

I think I am doing datebooks for the teachers -- I hope that isn't too lame. Just little plain purse size 2008-2009 calendars. I keep one with me all the time. So I'll just cover them with pretty paper and a few shiny letters or something and call it good. I'll have to try to do better with the end-of-year gifts.

Rob is in Red Wing picking up his mom from the train station. I'm gonna go run and swipe down the kitchen and the bathroom quick before they get here. Rob did all the laundry yesterday and cleaned the 3/4 bath in the basement next to the guest room so I think I am ready for everything.

Again, thanks for your good wishes. I appreciate them.


  1. Forget about the kitchen and the bathroom and head back to bed. Let them pamper you, and you catch up on your reading.

  2. Glad you're up and around. Just don't over do it!

  3. Up and posting already? Cleaning too? Get back into bed woman before your pop a stitch or tear something! Seriously glad you're doing well.

  4. Take care of yourself. Know that Mihcael and I are sending as many good wished your way as we can muster. Say hi to Joann for me!!