Sunday, January 27, 2008

Food & stuff

Susan's comment made me realize that I do, indeed, have odd taste in food. I am a total food snob in some cases but I love down home cookin' with simple ingredients, too. And I am not sure but I think it might have been the instant pudding that threw her off. See, my mom always made cooked pudding. She would pour it into bowls and let it cool while we ate supper (never dinner, by the way) and then we would eat it for dessert, sprinkled with sugar and drowned in heavy cream.

I always had hot lunch at school and they would often have pudding in little round paper cups that now remind me of ramekins. At the time they reminded me of nothing because I had never heard of a ramekin. There would be chocolate, butterscotch, or lemon pudding, and while I loved chocolate then as I do now, I ALWAYS turned down the pudding. The stuff was made so far ahead of time that the skin on top was half an inch thick, and I couldn't even bring myself to put a spoon near that rubbery, icky thing.

I know some people who say that skin is the best part of pudding, but the texture of it just turns me totally off. Honestly, I still just don't get how people can eat that. Ewwwww.

It was only when I went to college and had an apartment with a kitchen that I learned the true joys of instant pudding. Ready in 5 minutes, creamy and smooth, and no icky skin to peel off the top.

So there ya go. I am a study in culinary contradictions: I love tapas, stinky cheese, and caprese salad. I also love this layered hamburger hotdish (not casserole) that my mom always made with a can of tomato soup on the top. I love creme brulee and instant Jello pudding. Go figure.


In other news -- I just uploaded 8 layouts from Spencer's book to Scrapjazz. You can get to my gallery by clicking on the link to my Scrapjazz gallery down there on the right. (Edited to add that I can't seem to get the code working that showed a sample layout from the gallery. The link will get you there but Spence's album is in the sidebar on a slide show, too. I'll keep it there as I continue to upload the pages.) I'll try to get to the rest soon but that's all I have scanned right now and my scanner is acting up (no surprise, since it turns 9 in May). I'll keep working at it.


  1. See,that's exactly what I'm talking about! ;)

    The scrapbook looks AWESOME! (as I knew it would) Great job!!

  2. man now I'm starving!