Monday, January 07, 2008

Holiday recap

Right now I am at the computer, listening to Dan Fogelberg on the stereo (how sad I was when I heard he had died just before Christmas), drinking a Diet Coke from McDonald's (oh! the joy!), and looking at the pictures taken on my new camera (disclaimer: I do NOT know how to run the thing yet, so please forgive the blurry images). An update on the scrapbook later, but first, the holiday highlights:

This is Pippa meeting Scout, Evan's new pug Webkin. The kids each got one of these Webkinz and are now fighting regularly over who gets computer time first. A huge success. *Sigh*

Evan with his gift from Santa -- a digital camera. 5 megapixels! Garrett got one, too. Hence the need for Mommy's upgrade to 8 megapixels (from 3.2). Can't have the kids with more MP than Mom! I know this is blurry but you can see how excited he was.

My nieces got Rock Band for the PS3. This is Rachel playing guitar. Doesn't she remind you of the chicks in the Robert Palmer "Addicted to Love" video? ROFL

Garrett was the vocalist in the band. Imagine how proud I was when I heard him singing "Should I Stay or Should I Go?" by The Clash. hee hee

Garrett has enjoyed several needlework type projects in art the last couple of years so I suggested perhaps Grandma could teach him to knit. I just love this shot.

Here is the sweatshirt I made for JoAnn. It is a little off-kilter in the photo. I think it's because I tried to tack down the fabric panel on her right. She may have to rip out a few stitches and tack it again so it doesn't look wonky. Sorry, JoAnn.

And, the news you've been waiting for: yes, I finished it. Well, 49 of 50 pages. (Side note: how in the world can one LOSE photos of their child's first birthday? Seriously. Doesn't that automatically get you into hell or something? Anyway, I left a page blank in the fervent hope that I eventually find the photos. Argh.)

The following are pictures of my scrap room when I got done. It wasn't too bad and only took about half an hour to clean up. I do still have to add titles to some of the pages and journaling to most of the pages but they are in page protectors in an album and at school (though I did have to drop it off this afternoon because I was still putting page protectors on as Spencer's bus arrived).

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  1. Just be glad you've got a room to make a mess "corner" is going nowhere fast! *eyeroll*

    JoAnn's sweatshirt turned out great, love the colors! :)

    Glad you all had a happy Christmas!