Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Let the games begin!

I LOVE politics. I eat, sleep, and breathe it, especially in a Presidential election year. This year I am especially excited because I feel this thrilling current of electricity running through people I meet. It was evident last night, when traffic was backed up for a mile or more on the way to my caucus site. (Californians, I know a mile of traffic backup is not a big deal, but in Minnesota in a town of 100,000 on a sleepy city street this is a BIG deal.) I had to park several blocks away from the caucus and walk. Not that I minded because it was the first indication that MAN! people are fired up!

My old friend Mark was at the door to the caucus room for my precinct. I ran a campaign for him in 2000. He was a Democrat with no budget running in a county that ALWAYS voted Republican against an 18 year Republican incumbent. In addition, the county organization had no budget. Lest you think I am joking, let me tell you that our headquarters was in a former automotive garage with the worst oil stains covered by donated rugs. My boys (ages 3 and 18 months) played on those rugs (and all over the floor) and came home daily with grimy, oily pants and fingers. It was all worth it. Mark got a respectable 48% of the vote. I like to think that the work he and I and the rest of his incredible team helped the county Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party get to where it is today -- a respected organization with enough clout to pull in national candidates, a proven record of electing Democrats at the state and national levels, and a brand new headquarters in a real office building, with multiple phone lines, computers, and big screen TVs. And carpet. LOL

Immediately Mark asked if I would be willing to run for Precinct Chair. Now, I knew this was going to happen, as Mark and I had an incredible working relationship and we have tremendous respect for each other. We are a great team. So when his wife nominated me for Chair, I took a deep breath, said I wasn't willing to do it unless he was the Associate Chair, and said yes. Five minutes later I was the Precinct Chair.

It is gonna be a long year. I have decided that I will NOT be knocking on doors this fall in the bitter cold or the freezing rain. My penchant for bronchitis is not to be trifled with. But I will work all summer, I will canvass the neighborhood, I will host neighborhood get-togethers, I will organize and fold mailings and write letters to the editor and encourage everyone I know who is interested to come out and see how they can contribute ... because I believe this is possibly the most important election I will see in my lifetime. The decisions we're making are momentous, the power to change our nation and the world is in our hands ... and I wouldn't miss it for the world.


And in other news, I picked up the framed art this morning. It looks wonderful. And I lied -- it is a 14x18 inch frame, not 16x20. But it is exactly what I had in mind for that spot on the wall.

The print is a watercolor by artist Judy Welsh and unfortunately the gorgeous colors are muted in this photo. It truly does not do it justice. I love the painting, which is of our old neighborhood, Almaden, in the shadow of Mount Umunhum. I am so pleased with it!

Now if I could just find curtains .....

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  1. Oooh, Congratulations Madame Precinct Chair! Get your knocking hand ready!

    The print looks great! Glad you could find matting that worked for you! Curtains are evil...way more work than HGTV makes them out to be!