Monday, March 31, 2008

What's REALLY important -- The Frozen Four

Okay, we have established in years past that I am unimpressed with the Final Four.

It's the Frozen Four that should be taking up our time, showing up in office pools, and causing people to act like idiots. I mean, at least hockey is interesting.

I went to UND, like a lot of my family. And last night, they beat the Wisconsin Badgers in overtime and made it to the Frozen Four.

There may be a night or two where I am glued to the TV, eating junk food, drinking beer (Molson's, anyone?) and cheering for my alma mater to go all the way. OMG, I just went to the Molson website and they totally have a tab at the top that says "Hockey." Now that, my friends, is so apropos I cannot put it into words. LOL

Go Sioux.

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