Friday, April 04, 2008

It's here!

Oh, blessed, blessed day!

My car thermometer read 61 degrees just a short time ago. That's above the doughnut, people. 61 glorious, sunny, breezy, springy, birds-chirping, motorcycles-roaring-by, thank-god-the-winter-is-finally-over degrees. As my kids would say, Boo Yah!

In other news, part of my cheeriness today is due, no doubt, to the fact that I sent the kids to the Y today from 9-4. They swam, played in the gym, went to the playground, and ate the sack lunches I packed for them, and I:

*unloaded the dishwasher
*went through a list of pictures I need for my crop next weekend, found most of them on the computer, and ordered them online from Wal-Mart (note to self: you need to transfer pix from C: drive to CM Memory Manager, go through over 4,000 [yes, that is correct] pictures and label and sort them, and do a massive CD back up)
*cut all the fabric for my stained glass sweatshirt, stitched a few pieces, and am prepared to iron and sew the rest tonight
*cleaned up my scrap table
*took a bunch of printed photos that have gotten themselves into an unholy mess out to the dining room table so I can sort them properly
*made 2 VERY overdue sympathy cards
*went to WalMart for some groceries. I know, it's politically incorrect. And usually I shop at the locally owned store, which I love, but honestly, I figured I had spent $100 and at the check out it was just under $60. Wal-Mart may be evil but you can save money there. Seriously.
*realized as I loaded groceries into the car that I forgot the pictures (DUH!) and ran back in. Bought Pop-Tarts for a treat for kids' breakfast tomorrow and found long sleeved raglan style shirts on clearance for $4. Bought one for each kid for next fall.
*picked up kids. Noticed with disappointment the way Garrett's face fell when he saw me. I am hoping it was just because he had a good day, not because he hates me and I have irreparably broken him what with all of the "clean your room" and "do it NOW, not when you get around to it" he's been hearing lately.

So it was a good day, a day of accomplishment, a day of goal setting, a day that, once I let myself let go of the guilt at spending money on child care when I was at home with no discernible purpose and no money-generating activity, I enjoyed.

The windows are open (and my dog and many others, apparently are having a hard time with the bird and people and traffic noises that have been shut out of our houses since last fall), the kids are subbing for a neighbor on her paper route, and 24 hours from now Rob will be done with school for the weekend and on his way home.

I just can't tell you how incredible I feel right now. I feel like I did it. I beat the winter. I made it through. There were some rough patches, but I did it. I am stronger now, and smarter, too. Next year I will not only survive -- I will kick winter's ass!

But I'm not in any hurry for it to get here. Right now, 61 degrees and sunny is absolutely perfect, thankyouverymuch.


  1. If you couldn't save money there, Wal-Mart would have no power. The question is who else is paying the price so you can save that money.

  2. I pay the price Sarah, when I have to shop there...that store drives me batty.

    What a productive day you had! I see no harm in paying someone to watch your kiddos for the day (and dude, they had a ball don't kid yourself) so you can get a bazillion things done. Perhaps with your head on straight due to all you got done, you might be more relaxed about the other stuff. It's all good.