Sunday, April 06, 2008


I am quite pleased with myself tonight.

I finished my sweatshirt. My mother-in-law bought the fabric and shirt for me ages ago, but I just got around to putting it all together. It will primarily serve as a bedjacket for me, as I am perennially cold around my shoulders and at the back of my neck, especially when I am reading in bed. (Excuse the crappy lighting.)

I also got a pillow done for Evan, made out of 2 Minnesota Swarm Lacrosse team things that are reminiscent of the Twins' Homer Hankies from years past, AND a pillow for Spencer made from a hand-me-down Tshirt. The brand is from the U.K. -- "Cheeky" and it says, "I'm too little to surf" on it. It turned out so cute and will be adorable on his bed in the surfer bedroom. I just couldn't bear to give that one away even though he had outgrown it. This was a great solution.

I never even touched the photos that I need to sort. They are still on the dining room table. But I have no guilt over that and I will take the time this week to get through them. It is so nice to be in a place where I can plan for extra things in the schedule because the main ones are pretty much squared away.

If I can keep up this level of energy I might actually finish the damn curtains for my bedroom, too. LOL

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  1. You are a domestic genius--is there anything you CAN'T do???