Saturday, April 26, 2008

Now we're cookin' with gas

Okay, not really, as I have elaborated here before on how much I hate cooking with a gas stove. But I felt compelled, after Rob helped me with MSPaint, to show off my beautiful recipe binder. The background of grapes was taken at a vineyard in Napa and it looks great in the kitchen. (It has to, since all of my cabinets are custom and are not as deep as standard size. Which is a little problematic when installing a dishwasher which is supposed to be flush with the cabinets, but I digress.)

I have to say that this problem was a huge pain in the ass. I have collected recipes for years, from coupons and package labels to newspapers and magazines, I had a million of 'em. It was a very good thing to go through them, determine which ones I would probably never try, even though they sounded amazing, and get the ones that were actually possible into a place where I could find them. A huge pain in the ass but well worth it in the end.


  1. That is awesome.

  2. You hate to cook with gas? Well I'll be damned.