Friday, May 09, 2008

Finals, finally

Rob is taking a final right now. This one ends around 11:30 and then there is another after lunch from 12:30 to 2:30.

Once he is done with that, he is done for the summer. But I guess I haven't mentioned recently (or perhaps ever?) that this is a 2 year program, so he has one more year of classes to go before he has his MBA.

The first week of September he will be in classes all week. Then he'll resume the Friday and Saturday classes twice a month routine until sometime in March or April. There is a 10 day trip to China in April 2009 that he is terribly excited about, and after a few group projects and presentations about what they all learned in China, they will be done. Graduation is in mid-May and he doesn't know whether he will go through the ceremony at this point or not.

(I think he is leaning to the "NOT" side because he knows how much I hate graduations. I must confess I have already spent a considerable amount of time thinking of ways I can get out of attending my own kids' high school graduations. And college? I can't even really wrap my brain around the horror of a college graduation. I sincerely do not understand WHY we as a people insist on these terminally boring rites of passage.)

As for what he plans to do after he receives his degree, well, nothing. LOL I mean, he has wanted to work for the company he works for since he was 8 years old. He has no intention of leaving at this point. He's been there 13 years. The degree will give him more opportunity for advancement. I know he'd like to move up in the ranks of management and expand his horizons, so to speak. So I think he will stay where he is and watch for opportunities for promotion, for travel, and for growth.

He requested tri-tip for dinner, so it's marinating in the fridge. We'll get the reindeer games out of the way and come home for a quiet evening all together and reflect on a year of growth for all of us, and look forward to a summer of camping and hiking and just being together. And right now that sounds pretty good to me.

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  1. How excellent that in just a little over 40 minutes, he'll be 1/2 way done with his degree!

    And since you made it through this year, though it was not a lot of fun, you can make it through one more.

    When Rob's the CEO I expect back payment on all the variable pay D didn't get "because we just don't have the money for that" despite double digit profit margin percentages. :D