Friday, May 02, 2008

A touch of summer

I ran into the grocery store last night for a couple of items. Spencer was with me and as we walked in we spotted a red-haired woman in bright pink pants and a lime green shirt. I love that color combination so I told her she reminded me of summer and watermelon in those bright colors. As I drew closer, I realized she was wearing pink-framed glasses, carrying a pink, white and green striped handbag, she had green sandals on that were imprinted with pink flamingos, and the shirt was embroidered with flamingos and palm trees.

We did our shopping and ended up in the checkout line right behind her, where I told her she should be carrying a margarita and she replied that she wished they had margaritas at the store. I have been saying this for years, people. I have witnesses. LOL

Then she pulled her wallet out of her handbag and it was pink, too. Even the sparkly earrings in her double-pierced ears were pink and white. Not bad for a woman who looked old enough to be a very cool grandma.

She just made me smile. I want to live in vibrant, splashy color like that, every day.

We picked up the camper from storage last night. It looks great -- no signs of critters getting in, anyway. Will probably open it up in the driveway Sunday to air it out and wipe up any spills (guess who forgot to take out the laundry detergent and the shampoo/conditioner bottles last fall? Oops.).

And Rob is at school. Counting today he's down to 3 days left. I can't honestly tell who is happier, him or me.


  1. Thats awesome!! She sounds like she likes to coordinate, coordinate and coordinate some more!! LOL

  2. Oh, you're definitely the happier one...I can almost guarantee that!

  3. I think it is cool when people have a 'theme' and it sure makes gift-giving easier for them-haha!