Sunday, June 08, 2008

Rained out

Evan's soccer game was rained out Saturday morning. Despite that, we loaded up the pop up and 3 extra kids and headed to a campground/resort about 45 minutes away. We had 2 cars (because the van max is 7 passengers). We got to the campground, set up the bare minimum, and headed to the pool. We'd been there about an hour and a half and it started raining, so we packed everyone up and headed back to the camper.

Six boys in the camper at this point, and believe it or not, it was fine. They played Yahtzee and colored on some big Spiderman posters I had picked up on a whim. Rob started dinner and things were going okay (if wet) and all of a sudden a sheriff's car came by with lights and siren going. They sent us to the main building where we stood around for awhile, waiting for the tornado warning to expire. There was a group having a potluck (the storm shelter is also a community room that can be rented) and they offered to share so all the boys had some food. (Read: chocolate dipped strawberries, pound cake, and Cheetos LOL).

We got back to the camper, Rob cooked some hot dogs, everyone ate some more, and we went to sleep. It rained ALL NIGHT. Thunder and lightning periodically, but rain all night. Like 4 inches of rain. By morning the canvas was soaked and starting to leak. Rob went and looked at the weather report on TV in the main building and determined that it was going to continue to rain all day.

Six kids and 2 adults in a pop up camper sounded like a recipe for disaster, so we packed up and were on the way back to town by 9:30 AM.

All is well, the camper is popped up in the driveway, it is STILL raining, and I will attack Mt. Washmore later. It was fun, but I sincerely hope for better weather next time.

And I have to add that in all the years I have camped, I don't recall ever having to go to the campground shelter because of a tornado warning. So now I can cross that off the bucket list. LOL


  1. "Read: chocolate dipped strawberries, pound cake, and Cheetos LOL."

    Ok...that's like my dream meal right there! YUM!

    Lotsa rain here too. I thought of you and your passel of boys. We had to go underground on Thursday night because there were funnel clouds just north. Scary stuff.

  2. I'm glad you're all OK.

  3. Oh no, not you too!!? I just bailed. Left it all behind and brought the girls home. Finally there was a break (probably the eye of the storm)and we had a couple of rainless hours yesterday to go back and get our gear.