Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bag fetish

I've talked about my love for bags before. I like bags with some personality, bags that are different, bags that express something unique about me. Oh, I have a couple of Coach hand-me-downs, and I have admired the odd D&B bag in my time, but what I really want is something no one else has.

Until this bag. One of the interns in the office has a similar one, and when I saw it I demanded to know where she got it. Turns out it was a friend of her mom's and she said she'd get me the address if I could find the fabric. Fabric was procured that day and mailed a short time later to a small town in central Minnesota.

Today this arrived in a box. Honestly, how cute is that? It's beautifully made, has a ton of pockets inside in addition to the one on the outside, and I love it. Plus I bought an additional piece of fabric, so my bag has 3 patterns on it and Ashley's has only 2. The bags are similar but not exactly alike, which suits me (and her) just fine.

And in other news, I got my wedding ring back today. It's all shined up and polished and the new amethyst is a lovely deep violet. Sorry for the lousy pictures but it's difficult to shoot in supermacro while wearing the ring. LOL I took the second one to show the tension setting of my diamond -- it is just held in by the gold, no prongs. Of course my enginerd husband picked it out, and as I've said before, I love it.


  1. Neat bag! I like personality myself. The way you feel about bags is the way I feel about jewelry. Almost all of the jewelry I own (that I actually wear) has significance to me. If it doesn't, I probably won't wear it.

    I have a friend in my old town that makes really cool bags if you need another bag creation source.

    Glad your ring is right again.

  2. ur ring is gorgeous! Very unique :)

  3. I love your ring.

    I like the bag too. I need to get some Colts fabric for one like that to take on planes.