Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dear Anonymous

You know who you are. So do I. I have already addressed the issue with my clergyperson. If your concern were truly motivated by your Christianity it wouldn't have been a problem to identify yourself.


  1. Dear Anonymous,

    Cut it out. I hate it when Jennifer has to go to comment moderation. I want to see my comments when I post them and people like you make that challenging.


  2. P.S. Yes, it IS actually all about me. You're right.

  3. Hugs - for whatever you need them for.

  4. Anonymous,
    I don't know what you are writing, but I have to say you are not an AMERICAN if you are making remarks you CAN'T stand up to. I have been a friend with Jennifer for about 10 years now. I don't always agree with her, but I am glad she has those OPINIONS. I believe it is her Constitutional Right to write her OPINION on this blog. If you don't care she is voicing what she feels needs to be out there I got 3 words for you "Don't Read IT!" Don't come to this blog at all would be even better. I am sure Jennifer and HER Friends would appreciate that even more. So if you want to change the world get out there and VOTE that is the only way you will be heard. Now shut up and let Jennifer have her say.
    Love and God Bless,
    Rhonda Brown
    Justin, Texas