Friday, October 03, 2008

Shout out to Dave

Who made me laugh until I cried today talking about Caribou Barbie and her performance in last night's debate.

I think I love him.


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  2. LOL Love that!

    I was telling a coworker about a conservative observer who voiced relief that she didn't have any "deer in the headlights" moments . . . and my coworker's reply was, "You mean 'moose in the headlights'?"

    Yeah, that too.

  3. Caribou Barbie is a good zing...brilliant in fact.

    Also, I'd like my food stamps now, being as how the Palins are middle class and all.

  4. Okay....but "doncha know" I LOVED her ruby red shoes.

    Yeah. It's all I've got. lol!

  5. I know I am jumping into the conversation a little late, but I am sure you have already seen the Tina Fey impersonation...I only just saw her. Hysterical.

    H got to watch the bail out debate in the house in person last Friday, I hope something impressed her!

  6. I have heard the Caribou Barbie comments before. I think C.B. is smarter, though, even with a plastic ass.