Thursday, December 04, 2008

List time again

Get Christmas gifts for:
*Garrett's homeroom teacher
*Evan's teacher
*Spencer's teacher

*Get gifts in mail: Kim, Sally, JoAnn, Dan, Alexis, Chloe

*Decorate main floor, get tree up, etc.

*Make holiday menu plan
  • chocolate fondue for breakfast Christmas morning
  • vodka penne for Christmas Eve dinner
  • Christmas dinner?
  • Boxing Day?
  • baking/candies
*sew pincushion (started -- OMG so cute!)
*sew apron
*clean up guest room
*clean up laundry room
*iron Rob's shirts (or better yet, take them to the cleaners to be pressed)
(or, what I actually did: throw a tantrum because I am sick of the freakin' shirts being EVERYWHERE and make him iron them himself. Done.)
*make a Goodwill run
*make pillows out of leftover curtain fabric
*make fleece hats for Women's Shelter (will drop off Dec. 9)
*look thru old pix boxes and find those 2 missing photos
*get holiday pix taken and get Christmas cards out the door

I got the crap room cleaned up yesterday so I can actually walk in here. Cleaned off the shelves under the basement stairs and Freecycled a bunch of serving pieces I never use. Most have been picked up already, so I have some space to rearrange things a bit.

The sofa and loveseat were cleaned Monday and so far I am keeping the dog off of them. Honestly, I think the kids make more of a mess than she does, but it's worth a shot. They are 11 this year and they're off-white so anything I can do to prolong their life is good.

I have a few outside projects in the works, too -- a newsletter and the voiceover for a slide presentation, so those will keep me busy as well.

Nice to have a place to organize my thoughts. Sorry to bore you.


  1. You're not boring me . . . just reminding me that I need a list! LOL

  2. I first visited your house thought you were real brave or slightly crazy to have white couches in a home with little boys.

    Little did I're both! :D

    I made lists today too...most likely you'll get yours done before I get mine done, but a journey of 1000 miles...