Monday, January 26, 2009

Gonna get my picture on the cover ...

Yep, there he is, on the cover of the Rolling Stone. I have a subscription to RS because I am a member of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and in the past year (alas, the subscription is almost expired) the magazine has been known as "Where's Bruce?" in our house because he is in every issue. Seriously. Sometimes it's a photo or an article, sometimes a mention in an interview, sometimes referenced in a review, but he is there. It just happened that the February 5, 2009 issue doesn't provide much of a challenge, what with him being on the cover and all. (W00T.)

The reason for the hype is that he's a rock & roll god that he has a new album coming out tomorrow. And one song (My Lucky Day) from that record (Yes, I still call them records. So sue me.) is being released for Guitar Hero tomorrow. AND ..... drum roll ..... Born to Run is also being released for Guitar Hero tomorrow. So we all know my kids won't be getting any time on the Wii tomorrow.

And if that wasn't enough (it wasn't), after the concert at the Lincoln Memorial and the awesomeness of Bruce against a backdrop of red choir robes and singing with Pete Seeger (ahem. STILL not enough), he is playing the Superbowl, people.


I saw the magazine cover and I cried. Because, well, I love that guy. So much it almost hurts. And I believe in him like I believe in the new President. Well, MORE than in the new President, because Bruce and I, we have a history, man. We go way back.

And it's so exciting to think that we have a future, too.



  1. I knew you'd be so happy about the inaugural concerts...and then I got to be delighted when Sting sang Brand New Day (a song with tastefully implied sexual overtones) at the Neighborhood Ball. SCORE!

  2. I love that album cover.

  3. Tickets go on sale tomorrow for his May 11 concert in St. Paul! Unfortunately we have now converted all our children to Springsteen fans and they ALL want to go - Kaching!!!!!