Saturday, January 03, 2009


(Disclaimer: My punctuation keys are all wonky and I will come back and insert the proper marks when the computer debugs itself.)
ETA: Fixed at 8:27 PM. Sorry about that.

Sorry, dear reader(s), I am in a curmudgeonly mood today. Happy New Year and all that. We are taking down the Christmas decorations from the living room and I find myself with a dilemma.

In my front hallway right next to the front door I used to have 3 framed groupings of photos, all done by the same photographer and framed at the same frame shop. They looked very nice there.

One frame contained the photos Rob and I had done when we had been married 4 months. They are outdoor shots, in our wedding finery, at the Plummer House here in Rochester. I may have mentioned previously that I despise my wedding pictures, the photographer sucked, he didn't listen to a thing I said, and the one photo I really wanted he completely fucked up. But anyway.

Another of the frames contained pictures of Rob's family taken when Garrett was a baby (thus including Rob's dad but unfortunately leaving out my 2 younger children and lovely sister-in-law Nancy, who was not married in yet and therefore was not included. What? How were we supposed to know?). I will hang this up anyway, but I really would like a new photo of the entire family, hopefully including a new child or two, as my brother-in-law and his wife are hoping to adopt soon.

And the third had photos of my family, also taken when Garrett was a baby. Again, leaving out my 2 younger children and my nephews but including my brother's now ex-wife who has decided she hates us all so much we should never have been born (or something like that) but chose to keep our last name despite our collective asshol-ish nature. Whatever.

So now I don't want to hang those pictures up again. I don't want to have any reminders of her in my house -- she hates me, she hurt my brother, she was insufferable to my parents (yet had the unmitigated gall to send birthday greetings -- WTF?), and well, I never liked her that much to begin with and it's no loss in my life that she is gone.

But now there's this empty space on the wall. And until my parents, my brother and his kids, and my family can all find themselves in one place long enough for a photographer to capture us all together, I don't know what to put up there. Certainly ANYthing would be an improvement -- let's face it, there's really no reason to look into the face of hatred (and possibly insanity) every day if you don't have to -- but I am at a loss.

Maybe I'll do something to honor the new President ...


  1. You are right, your keys are all wonky.

    What about some candid photos you like until you can get one of your whole fam?

    Or a metal sculpture or something completely different?

  2. I was thinking of maybe a collage of individual shots of family members until yall can get that awesome family shot.

  3. All the ae things and the +s have made this post very interesting to read!

    Why not put that photo you had done of the boys and cousins up? That's a nice shot!

    And a pic your three together.

    OR...a nice sassy Pippa picture! 8x10 glossy of the star! :)

    (the super secret codeword to post today for me is "largism." I don't know what that means, but I like it.)

  4. Hi, PLEASE do something to honor our new Pres. Then take a pix and post it :)