Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Travel preparations

Rob is leaving for China in just over a month. He'll be gone for 10 days -- it's an international residency for his MBA program.

We have been trying to get him ready for several months. We knew he'd need a new suit, since his old one was purchased for a wedding he was in in 2001 and was sort of khaki/olive. Chinese business culture dictates that your suit be dark -- preferably of the black or navy variety.

So 2 new suits, one charcoal, one navy, have been procured, along with a suit bag that rolls up (very convenient). The passport is ready, and the immunizations are taken care of.

Right now we just have a few more things to take care of; new black dress shoes must be obtained, an electrical adapter, and a camera.

I know, we have a plethora of Fuji digital cameras in this house. But Rob does not want to mess with my camera; it's a little too bulky and frankly, he will only shoot in Auto mode so the manual settings are a waste. Plus they annoy him.

So today he ordered this little beauty.

It's perfect -- compact, easy to use, plenty of megapixels and a little optical zoom as well. think it will work great, and I'm looking forward to making a scrapbook of his China trip when he comes back.
And yes, I am far more excited about the new camera than he is.


  1. Is he taking requests for faux-coach??? :) I can just see it now, Rob comes home with 2 suits, a camera and and entire suitcase full of faux coach accessories. I can just see his professors asking, "What did you learn about China during your residency, Rob?"

    "Where to get the best faux-oach."

  2. Which area(s) will Rob be visiting in China? Would love to see the products from that new camera, and any other reports. I live through other people's travels :-)