Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I know you don't care

Stolen from Lesley, who stole it from FACEBOOK.

1.) Most disgusting candy flavor:


2.) Song you turn off every time you hear

Anything sung by Shania Twain. (Copied from Lesley, but very true.)

3.) Ordinary smell that makes you gag:

Stargazer lilies. (I think they smell like pee.)

4.) Movie you have walked out of:

None, although I came close during Casualties of War.

5.) Ordinary sound that makes you cringe:


6.) Band/singer you feel is highly overrated:

Nirvana. (Lesley, I was amused that you picked Bruce for this category. lol)

7.) One person on your list you won't send this to:

Not applicable

8.) Worst subject in school:

Math. Any math.

9.) Sport you've tried where you seriously lack talent:

I seriously lack talent in ALL sports.

10.) Type/style of clothing you don't find flattering:

Stirrup pants. What was I thinking?

11.) Place you have no desire to go on vacation:


12.) Color that does nothing for you:


13.) Least favorite job you've ever had:

Stocking the paperback book racks at a discount store. Awful.

14.) Career you feel it would be a mistake for you to pursue:


15.) Board/card game you play poorly:

I hate cards and play all card games poorly. It's a wonder my husband's family claims me.

16.) Least favorite genre of movie:


17.) Least favorite genre of music:


18.) A book you've read that you feel was lame:

Songs in Ordinary Time. A complete waste of my time.

19.) Least favorite insect/arachnid:

I don't know what it's called but it looks like a cross between a centipede and a cricket and occasionally turns up in my laundry room. Ewwww.

20.) Worst place to buy clothing:

Any store at a mall. HATE.

21.) Worst date ever

The guy was a cute but *dumb* civilian and I was still hopelessly in love with a Marine who dumped me. Not good.

22.) Food you really dislike:


23.) Least favorite holiday:

I really hate Christmas. More and more every year.

24.) Most obnoxious pet you've ever had:

I have an undisciplined pug now. She's relatively obnoxious.

25.) Least favorite style of home decoration:

Ultra modern. "Please come into my home which was designed to completely impress you but has not one soft space or surface in it. I wouldn't want you to get comfortable. Me? I'm never uncomfortable here. I think it's because of this stick...."

26) Favorite Soda(s):

Caffeine Free Diet Coke

27) A place you'd like to go on vacation:


28) Favorite food(s):

Alaskan King Crab

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  1. Was the Marine Kevin?? I can kick his butt for you still. I am a DINFOS trained killer.

    I love Stargazer lilies. I have the Yankee candle. But the little things in the middle get stuff everywhere.