Thursday, March 05, 2009


You, my tiny little friend, are one lucky baby. You have only been here a little while, perhaps you haven't even arrived yet, and you are so very loved.

Your parents and big sister are the best family you could ask for. They are smart and fun and they will give you everything you need to grow -- sunshine and snuggles, goldfish crackers and grass stains, discipline and discovery.

The rest of your family is waiting eagerly for you, too. They will be there every step of the way as you learn and grow into the person you will be. And they love you, right now, exactly as you are, too. It's amazing to think that people can love you without actually having met you yet, but they can. And it's amazing to think that even though they think you are pretty wonderful right this second, they know that the person you'll become is even more wonderful.

And then there's a whole bunch of people like me. People who love your mom and dad, who automatically love you, too. All that love. Kinda crazy isn't it?

So, my sweet little Baby L, here is my wish for you: that you feel all of that love every minute of your life. That even when it's hard to love you -- when you're 2, when you're 13 -- that even then, you will feel it washing over you.

And my selfish little wish for me in this? That you will help me see the baby inside of my babies, and help me to find that amazing, wonderful, magical baby love for them all over again. Because sometimes I need a little reminder.

Happy birthday.

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  1. Jennifer,
    That was beautiful, and so meaningful to me. I so admire the way you are able to use your words, and I feel really so special that you created something so thoughtful, sweet and touching for our new daughter. Thank you so much for being our friend, and sharing all of your amazing gifts with us! We are truly blessed!
    Love, Jen