Tuesday, April 14, 2009

David Wellstone

will be the keynote speaker at the Olmsted County DFL's Annual Dinner this year.

It is a great opportunity to spend an evening with like-minded individuals, meet lots of local and state elected officials and candidates*, and to offer financial support to the county organization.

It's also an evening to celebrate our success in 2008. It was a remarkable year of growth for the Olmsted County DFL -- so many people contributed their time, their energy, their resources -- and the support people gave enabled us to provide support to our candidates on the local, state and national levels.

David Wellstone represents the past, present and future of the DFL. His work honors the legacy of his parents, Paul and Sheila Wellstone, by training and organizing progressive individuals and advocating progressive positions on a variety of issues.

The dinner will be held at the Kahler Grand Hotel on Thursday, May 7. The invitation and RSVP with menu options can be viewed at the DFL website and RSVP may be made to 507-259-5162.

And here's the thing, folks: the tickets are $75 per person, but if you have not yet applied for the Political Contribution Refund from the state of Minnesota, this is a qualifying donation. That means you get $50 back from the state, making your effective ticket price just $25.

The receipt and PCR form will be given to you the night of the dinner so that you can apply for the refund immediately. It's very simple and straightforward, and the state will refund up to $50 per individual or $100 per couple.

*Don't forget this year's attendees will likely include at least a few of the potential 2010 DFL gubernatorial candidates -- a great chance to meet them in a quieter, more intimate setting.

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  1. I miss the Wellstones. Did I ever tell you that Marcia was my Spanish teacher in HS? It was very sad when she died with her parents in the plane crash.
    PS The first school I taught at in SPPS is now renamed Wellstone Elementary ;)