Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Shoot me now

In bullet points (get it?). Dark humor is the only kind I have right now.

I know I have been a terrible blogger this summer. Here is what has been keeping me in a perpetually non-blogging state of mind (while being mindful of other people's privacy) Sorry I'm vague but a lot of this is not my deal, y'know?

*2 elderly relatives with dementia and relocation issues. Both in denial. Seriously.
*1 extended family relative who lost a child this summer. Devastating. For all involved, near and far.
*1 relative diagnosed with an advanced form of cancer.
*1 long time friend battling health issues and of whom I have not been as supportive or caring as I would like
*1 custody battle which appears to be resolved in the favor of the children involved (thank goodness -- it was our only good news all summer)

I am barely keeping afloat, to be honest. I am grateful for the friends who have anchored me, provided shelter from the storms, and assured me that they will continue to be there for me as I watch the roiling sea around me.

It is not easy to go through any of the things my friends and family are going through. But I can tell you it is not easy to watch people you love go through these things either.

I will come back, soon. I need to. It's good for my soul to write this down.

I'm just having a hard time with balancing others' privacy against my own need to work things out in writing.

But in making that list, I realize it isn't a long list. It could be worse. Others have it worse, deal with much more, in their daily lives.

But in my life, these things are taking a toll. And I need to find a way to work through them, to be supportive, and maintain my own mental health.


  1. Jennifer - I am sorry to hear about what a rough summer you have had. My thoughts are with you and I hope things get better soon. I look forward to your return to blogging. Take care, Nancy

  2. Time for the light. (((hugs)))

    Take care of YOU.

  3. Yes, the most important thing is taking care of yourself. I know it's hard because you want to take care of everyone else. So sorry you had such a bad summer. Hang in there...

  4. I'll say a little prayer for you Jennifer! Take your time...breathe deep and come back when you are ready!