Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Here we go again ....

I hate the holidays. I really do. Too many sad anniversaries, too many people missing. Too much for me to handle.

And now Kris is gone. And wouldn't you know it, we spent a good number of Thanksgivings together in the past 12 years. She and Thanksgiving go together in my mind.

I am excited because my parents will be here this year for Thanksgiving.

But I am dreading it because once again, someone is missing. And the wound is raw. And it is just the beginning of an interminable season where everybody is jolly and gay and I just want to wear black and growl at everybody.


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  1. I'm sorry for your loss, Jennifer. There is no good time to lose a loved one, but coming so close to the holidays is especially tough. Hoping you find some comfort in having your family with you.