Sunday, November 22, 2009


The Dora and Diego stuff is gone, as is the Play Doh. Thank goodness. And the Play Doh went to friends (who insisted on paying for it and I accepted reluctantly..) so that made Spencer happy.

I got through some of the stuff in the bedroom and there is a good amount of space in which to move around now. I discovered 5 sets of flannel sheets for the trundle bed in the family room (5 sets! For 2 mattresses! Can you say overkill?) so I think I'll be Craigslisting them, too. It's a good feeling, knowing I am making slow progress toward the goal. Heck, this month ANY progress is a small miracle.

Next up ... going through photos to find some of Kris and me (likely dating back to 1987 and '88) and of Kris and my kids (of which there are many because I am always behind the camera). Let me say this, people -- (and I have said a version of it before) -- get in front of the camera. Hand that little baby off to your husband, your kid, or that dude sitting over on the park bench. Get in the picture. And get in the picture with your friends. I have almost NO photos of my beautiful blonde friend with me. That is a travesty. I cheated myself out of something precious without even knowing it. Smile for the camera -- even if your hair is bad, if you aren't wearing makeup -- smile anyway. Because THAT moment may be the last one you have with that friend. And if you have to convince THEM to be in the photo, tell them to do it for me. Please.


  1. Good advise! Glad we took those photos in the Dells.

  2. You are very right. I do have pictures of me with several of my MN friends, but I am fairly certain I don't have one of us together...a situation we shall remedy sometime soon I hope!