Thursday, April 22, 2010

Balancing Act

I've written before about the conflict I feel with people of faith, not because of their faith, but because of my lack thereof.

This weekend our niece is being confirmed. I explained confirmation to my kids, who have absolutely no concept of it. We will go, we will celebrate with our family, and we will give a lovely necklace commemorating the date with a Bible verse on it. (Numbers 6:24-26, the benediction. I am a heathen, but I made that choice after learning a whole lot of Bible stuff, including a lot of verses.)

Our church has a program similar to confirmation, called Coming of Age (COA). It's similar to confirmation in that they learn about religion (although they learn about many faith traditions, rather than a comprehensive history of one faith), but completely different in that in confirmation, one is recognized from that point on as an adult member of a congregation. It's sort of the end of a journey. COA is the opposite. This from Wikipedia:
"COA signals the beginning of individual spiritual searching; it is an official recognition that the youth involved have begun to search for personal truth."

I have a lot of respect for individual faith journeys and I would never demean or denigrate someone else's belief system. I am glad to be included in family celebrations even though I don't share the same beliefs and I'm not teaching those beliefs to my kids. I just hope the journey my kids take, even though it's very different from the one all of their cousins will take, will be supported and celebrated the same way.


  1. Thank you for your openness about faith. It was a beautiful peace. I have struggled with faith from the days as a child, when I'd look over my shoulder to see if God was watching me. One day it came to me that god had given me everything I need : a body, a brain and the ability to use both. Since then I have been at peace. Thanks again>

  2. I hope so too. I hope the trip to ND was nice!