Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Great gift idea

I have 2 nieces who were confirmed this spring, and another who is graduating in June. I needed some nice, memorable gifts that were keepsake quality but fun, too. Everybody else was going for the sentimental cross necklaces and the like.

I found a seller on etsy, the website for handmade and vintage items, and promptly fell in love with her work. I emailed her asking if she could get me one item within a week because, once again, I had procrastinated.

Lo and behold, she replied that she could and I ordered 2 necklaces for the confirmands. That was a Monday morning. By Saturday afternoon I had BOTH necklaces in my hands. Since the second confirmation was last Sunday I can talk about the gifts now. (I am not sure my nieces even know about this blog, but I didn't want to take any chances.)

The seller is Tiffany from charmiesonline. She makes hand stamped personalized jewelry and I ordered necklaces for the girls.
I ordered necklaces like this one. On the small disc I had their names and a cross, I added their birthstones and 3 pearls each because pearls symbolize purity, and the silver bar contains a Bible verse, the date, and the event; for one, simply "confirmation". The other was baptized and confirmed the same day so I had her include both events on the necklace.

They are very personal and are lovely keepsakes but have a playful, funky feel that is less formal than the gold cross pendant that is traditional. Of course, they both received those as well, and they are lovely and appropriate for dressy occasions or with a simple t-shirt and jeans; the silver necklaces are more casual feeling.

Tiffany was a wonderful seller to work with. She was pleasant and accommodated my wishes, and she was FAST.

Both girls were delighted with their gifts and I was so happy with the entire process.

As for the upcoming graduation, I haven't purchased a gift yet. I am pondering the idea of another one of these necklaces or some art.

Opinions, anyone?


  1. What nice gifts and you to think of them. For graduation have you looked for Dr. Seuss reproductions? We gave my husband's daughter one from an art shop in Waikaloa that handles his art. He did many pieces different than his books. I'll copy out picture of one for my next blog.

  2. I am going to say I would go with the necklace. Just my opinion, but the art might not get to go with them the necklace would. Love that idea for confirmation. You always find the coolest deals. Love you lady sure miss you!

  3. Thanks for the tip! I just ordered a necklace for a baptism we'll attend in July. The best part about this jewelry is that it is so "wearable" for so many years. I totally envision Camila liking this necklace from childhood into adulthood.