Wednesday, June 30, 2010

In which I complain bitterly while understanding it is a minor thing in the grand scheme of the world

We had a huge windstorm a couple of weeks ago. Northwest Rochester even had a tornado (fortunately no one was hurt). We had a number of trees down in our neighborhood and a lot of large branches in our yard. One fell and knocked down a portion of our rain gutters on the garage.

Most of it is cleaned up but the house across the street suffered visible damage to the shingles so today it is being re-roofed.

The constant pounding of the hammers coupled with the air compressor and the guys as they talk, laugh and call to each other is awful. I know it is not a big deal overall but HOLY COW -- a beautiful, cool summer day completely ruined by noise.

I am bitter.

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  1. Just back from our cruise - I hear a rooster crowing, it's quiet at 3:49 AM in Hawaii, a 12 hour difference in time zone than two days ago in the Nediterraneum. Will read more of your blog as time goes on.
    Smile now!!