Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Election recap (the short version)

I got most of the stuff in my list done.

I'm still working on a few things and will keep moving forward.

I am disappointed in the results of yesterday's elections. I'm not really disappointed that Republicans won (although, of course, that is not my ideal), I am more disappointed in Americans. Disappointed that so many people let the politics of fear take over their minds and hearts. Disappointed that so many people stopped using their brains and just let their emotions override their intellect. Disappointed that so many people are so willfully ignorant that they really think they made good choices.

I'm not going to rant about this; it's not productive and the election is over and now it is time to roll up our sleeves and get to work, regardless of our party affiliation. But with all of the rhetoric about budgets and taxes and living within our means, I feel it necessary to point out that President Clinton had us in great economic shape when he left office in early 2001 and that it was a Republican who has amassed the greatest debt in the history of our country.

So, Republicans, Tea Partiers, and people with your brains in pause mode right now: here is what I have to say. I sincerely hope you all get exactly what you asked for. I hope the people you chose to put into power get the reality check of their lives. I hope, with all my heart, that the gridlock and divisiveness will continue, that you will be once again disillusioned with the promises that were made to you, and that when we all hit the polls in 2 years that you will again be looking for something different than what you chose last time.

I believe in the Democratic Party and the democratic process. The electorate has spoken, and the other guys had louder voices than my team this time. Okay. This stuff isn't easy and if there were simple answers and simple choices it would have been fixed. Take a crack at it -- go ahead.

I'll be over here, volunteering to make my country a better place to live, and it will be my friends and I, and our leaders who took a solid right hook yesterday (see: Congressman James Oberstar, Congressman Earl Pomeroy, MN Representative Andy Welti, MN Senator Ann Lynch) who will keep doing the work, every day, that will make a difference for all of us. Even those willfully ignorant dolts out there who voted based on lies, rumors, half-truths, and exaggerations.

I believe in the process. I believe in hope and change. And just because a bunch of people are twisting history and deliberately misunderstanding things doesn't mean I give up. Go ahead. Take your best shot. Believe me, I'll be watching and letting you know just how I think you're doing. I'll have your offices on speed dial, and I plan to get a whole bunch of Forever stamps so I can send weekly letters to you offering my opinions and assessments of your actions. I will send letters to the editor (possibly one every 30 days). Look for them -- they'll be very specific.

You want a chance? You got it. Put your fearmongering aside and do your jobs, because those of us who still USE our brains will be paying attention.

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  1. preach on! you expressed how i have been feeling!