Sunday, November 07, 2010

A new chapter

I am embarking on a new adventure tomorrow.


A real, honest-to-goodness job. Where I had to fill out an application, go to 2 interviews, and I will get a regular paycheck.

It's for a non-profit, just part time, and very flexible hours. I will reveal more later, perhaps. For now I am excited to be doing something that fits in with my "little d" democratic principles and that, I think can be a stepping stone to a career later on. For now, this is a dream job -- they approached me initially, it's something I care deeply about, and it will fit into my busy mom-housekeeper-volunteer-etc. life easily, I think.

It is strange to be celebrating such a milestone even as I recall where I was a year ago, and the space and emotional distance I have traveled to find myself here.

I'm in the middle of some endings right now -- the end of the first year without Kris, the end of a long span of sadness and lethargy -- and all of a sudden, unbidden, I have a beginning to celebrate as well.

Here's to looking back with no regrets and looking ahead, to fresh starts, to not just recognizing that my life is still being written, but turning the page on an entirely new chapter.

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  1. You'll do great, Jennifer! They're lucky to have you and your great ideas and energy in their organization! Good luck!