Friday, April 22, 2011


I'll be back -- I am currently in my basement laundry room, mesmerized by the glowing blue dials of my brand new washer and dryer set.

It's the first new set I've ever had, and it is lovely -- a high efficiency top loading washer (the kind with a giant 5 cubic foot tub and no center agitator) and an equally lovely 7+ cubic foot dryer.

They arrived yesterday and, after 5 hours of plumbing and electrical work, my husband pronounced them ready to use.

We sat in the laundry room for almost an hour as we ran the first load of clothes through it. I am not kidding.

So far, so good. I obsessively researched machines until I was so overwhelmed by the compliments and complaints about every top-loader available I couldn't see straight. Three loads in, I can see the merit in the complaints (twisted clothes? yes, but not terribly, and the compliments (the clothes DO come out practically dry!).

At any rate, they are here, the laundry room is clean (shelves cleared off for the recent church rummage sale, vinyl installed on the concrete pad where the machines sit, floor scrubbed, walls freshly painted), and I am grateful to have my own machines that do not have to be shared with a barracks full of people, and grateful for my husband who is the ultimate handyman.

Life is good.

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