Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Two things:
One, NPR has a story that goes along with my last post.
You're Not Alone

Two, WHY is it that when someone posts on Facebook about having a hard time parenting (not complaining, just acknowledging that it is a tough gig), someone else (or multiple someones) has to immediately jump in with something that sounds like sympathy or empathy but ISN'T? In other words, a response like, "Yes, hard work but ultimately so rewarding!" or "Yes, but they are so worth it." or "Yes, it's a hard job and we are so lucky to be mommies." or whatever.

Yes, I am grateful for my kids. Yes, I understand that many people want them and can't have them or have to go through expensive medical and or legal procedures to get them. Some of those people are in my family. I also understand that many people have them and don't care for them properly and don't deserve to have them (sadly, some of those people were in my family and are now legally not part of it but are still given parenting time by a court system that is really a mess. Wait. I digress.). Yes, it is a blessing to have kids. BUT SOME DAYS IT IS JUST HARD AND ALL YOU WANT IS AN AMEN, SISTA.

I just want people to stop laying guilt trips disguised as sympathy. STOP.

That is all.

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