Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I should blog about ...

I am procrastinating right now. I should be making dinner. Don't judge; I know you do it, too, sometimes.

I have a few posts running around in my head and I keep forgetting them when I sit down here to write so I am going to do a list in the hopes that someday I'll have both time and inspiration enough to make an actual post about each.

* predictions on the 2012 election and why I was the only one who knew Newt Gingrich would win the South Carolina primary

* some photos I inherited that are being donated to a museum and why this makes me inordinately happy

* more genealogy stories, and possibly translations of old headstone inscriptions that (I think) are in Old German

* an update about cleaning my craft area, purging, organizing, and getting ready to resume work on Garrett's school scrapbooks

* books. I have a book group again, in a very loose sense of the word "group." There are just 3 of us. We meet randomly. We encourage each other to read hard novels and things we might not otherwise tackle. We just finished Chuck Pahlaniuk's Damned.

* a post about just how far out of my comfort zone Chuck Pahlaniuk is, and an examination of why I think I am going back for more.

I am sure you're waiting with bated breath.

And now, forgive me for the boring post above, but I must be off to cook dinner.

Say, as long as I'm talking books, what are YOU reading?

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