Saturday, January 14, 2012

More guilt

Sheesh. I could have a PhD in guilt if I just tried a little harder. LOL

I got an email this week regarding Evan's religious education class, detailing the planned activities for the next couple of months. There are a LOT of things, including an overnight lock-in at the church President's Day weekend.

And, as usual, they asked for help.


I have terrible guilt about this. I don't WANT to help with middle schoolers. I don't WANT to stay overnight at church. (Already did it once for one of Garrett's events.) I am willing (possibly) to help in other ways, like in the evening or the morning, but here's the thing:

I already do a ton at church.

Is that enough of an excuse? I don't know. Right now I think not. The teachers of this class are great -- wonderful with the kids, thinking of really meaningful ways to help them learn what it means to be UU, and they deserve help.

But I am overextended. I am on the Caring Committee. The Communications Committee. I am on a Resolution Task Group that is doing weekly events at church and for that task group I am also the webmaster. I am helping a little with planning an upcoming youth conference, and I am committed to helping with that in some capacity.

In December I was at church for both services the first 3 Sundays.

I don't mind; I am not complaining. I signed up for all of this, it means something to me, and I want to do it. Honest.

But does the fact that I do other things at church absolve me of responsibility in terms of helping with my kids' religious education classes?

Because even if it does, I am pretty sure I'll feel guilty anyway.

So much for Unitarian Universalism being guilt-free. Thanks to my Lutheran upbringing, I just brought it along.


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