Saturday, February 11, 2012

Best birthday ever?

It was a contender, that's for sure. :) I had a low-key day yesterday, volunteering, hanging out at home, and even took a little nap. Rob came home and I ran to get him an anniversary card (yes, I am a slacker), and he fixed a nice dinner for all of us.

After we ate there were presents to open; I was surprised that there were 3 gift bags on the table; I had expected something like a few bottles of shower gel from Bath & Body Works.

In the past few years Rob and I have not done big gifts at Christmas and birthdays -- it seems there are always other financial priorities. That has been fine with me, but I must admit I am a girl who loves getting presents and I really love a grand gesture.

So last week, when I finally upgraded to a new laptop (which was badly needed) after years of Rob asking me to upgrade, I thought that was plenty, and my birthday/anniversary/Valentine's Day gift would be a token.

I opened gift number 1 -- my favorite perfume (Elizabeth Arden's Red Door) and a new memory card for my camera. I didn't really need one, but I figured Rob had received it with a purchase of computer components or something.

Gift number 2 was the big moment -- it was a camera lens. For an SLR. Which I do not own.

I am sure the expression on my face was hysterical as I realized the implication of gift number 2 and reached for gift number 3. LOL

Yes, there it was. The holy grail. A beautiful digital SLR. A Canon Rebel T3i, to be precise.

I had looked at cameras a lot in the past. I love photography, and I am a better-than-average amateur photographer. I am not a pro by any stretch, but I have worked hard to improve and I have been accused more than once of using professional images that were actually my own.

And I have long dreamed of owning a "fancypants" camera. Like, since 2003, when I started really paying attention to photography and trying to learn how to get great images from my little point-and-shoot Fuji. I have upgraded my camera twice since then. Rob bought each new camera for me for Christmas. My current Fuji is great but it is 5 years old, and I really was at the point where I needed a camera that could go fully manual. I just hadn't even considered it an option right now. In fact, uncharacteristic of me, I had not looked at or checked out DSLRs in detail for a couple of years.

So I was shocked. To tears, actually. It was the most delicious, unexpected surprise.

Add in a red velvet cake, a sparkly glass-mosaic candle holder, and an evening at the annual downtown Ice Bar with friends, and it was a red letter day.

Best birthday? Well, 26 was pretty good, since it was my wedding day. But 42? Well, it was blizzard-free, included an incredibly thoughtful and generous gift and 3 amazing kids, wonderful friends, and the richness of maturity -- in myself, and in my marriage.

Best ever. I am so incredibly grateful for all of it. Truly.

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  1. Awwww what a wonderful husband and children you have :) Happy Birthday!