Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Crafty New Year!

Happy New Year! As usual, I am an inconsistent blogger. Oh well. Maybe that is just how it's going to be around here for a while.

The holiday season was ok this year. My Seasonal Affective Disorder is not bad. I think the Vitamin D supplement helps, as does my little blue light.

For Christmas, my uber-talented mother-in-law hit one out of the park by giving me a set of super cool embroidered flour sack towels. I have a few vintage ones, and an old set of Martha Stewart Days of the Week ones that have seen better days. These each have a different garden veggie embroidered on them, and they are AWESOME.

So now I want more. I decided I want some with the little Dutch girls on them (you've seen those, right? Picturing a chore for each day of the week.) So I went to eBay, found the original vintage uncut, unused patterns and ordered them.

I love them so much I am a little afraid to get started on them so I found another set that I also love and decided to start with that, in one thread color per towel to keep it simple for me.
A trip to Fleet Farm for the towels, a JoAnn Fabrics run for the embroidery floss (OMG I totally had SO. MUCH. FLOSS when I cross-stitched. Sigh.) and I am on my way. PS -- Embroidery is hard because you are supposed to keep your stitches even. I am not so good with that yet. Don't judge. It's more important that I have the towels and that I did the embroidery, right?
As long as I mentioned my mother-in-law's incredible talent, I should post a picture of her knitting work, too. She knits Christmas stockings and there are families in our home town that have 2 and 3 generations with stockings she has made. These patterns are just a few of the designs she can do. If you are interested in ordering stockings you can email her at joannknits [at] harveland [dot] com
Obviously she will only take on as many orders as she can produce, so ordering early is best. Email her for pricing quotes and any other information you need, andthanks.

So I have started yet another crafty thing, but I am justifying it by telling myself it's a useful one. The new year is underway, and we are sliding out from under this crazy cold spell. Back to work and school tomorrow for all of us, and highs in the 30s by Friday.

Soon? An update on my most favorite Black Friday purchase EVER, and perhaps more.

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