Thursday, April 30, 2009

Photo Scavenger Hunt

This is sort of a "best of Rochester" scavenger hunt. I wanted to record my city and to have some images to use later in my Circle Journal -- one of the girls has chosen "Where I Live" as her theme and I am pretty sure I won't have her book until next winter sometime. Best to be sure I have plenty of pictures to use of my favorite Rochester spots.

For those who are first-time visitors to my blog, welcome. I live in Rochester, Minnesota, the home of the world-famous Mayo Clinic. Many of my images were taken on the Mayo campus itself, which is made up of a number of buildings covering multiple city blocks here. The Mayo system includes multiple hospitals, a medical school, a Ph.D. program, and much more. Thanks for stopping by!

All photos were taken this month with a few exceptions, which I noted in the titles. Most of them are straight out of camera, although a couple were cropped with my new PSE software.

I am pretty pleased with most of my shots -- I am far from a pro but I learned a few new things about my camera and about Photoshop, so it was well worth the effort. Thanks, Kristi!

Here's her post with the links to all those who participated. Lots of amazing photogs there -- go vote!
1. Cool or interesting architecture (Mayo and Gonda buildings from the doorway of the Plummer Building)
2. A sign of spring (my lilac bush)

3. Something musical (Garrett playing his French Horn)
4. Something sweet (Skittles Rob brought home from China -- the green is apple flavored instead of lime!)

5. Something metallic (statue of Dr. Will and Dr. Charlie in front of Mayo and Gonda Buildings)

6. A landscape
7. An interesting doorway (Mayo Medical School Student Center)
8. A reflection (Gonda and Mayo buildings)

9. A cemetery (Oakwood Cemetery in Rochester)

10. A pair of shoes (Evan's new Harley boots. I think he would sleep in them if I let him.)
11. A body of water (Silver Lake)

12. A drink (margarita at home)

13. A mosaic or mural (The Reading Center)

14. Rain (okay, a puddle left after the rain)

15. Classic Car (my dad's 1929 Model A roadster, taken last summer. That is NOT a Photoshopped gleam!)

16. A work of art (the clock I made for my scraproom, taken in 2007)

17. A church (Homestead UMC)
18. A statue (at Mayowood Mansion)

19. An interesting sky (July 4, 2006, San Jose, CA)

20. Something in motion ( a little girl at the park, taken with permission)

21. Lights at night (Rob and campfire, August 2008)

22. A silhouette (dinosaur skeleton at Quarry Hill Nature Center, March 2008)

23. Something historic (covered wagon from the History Center)

24. Unusual perspective (Mayowood Mansion)

25. Flowers

26. Self-portrait (sorry for the poor quality, taken with my webcam)


  1. I love them all, especially the ones by the Mayo! Nice job :)

  2. These are really good... well the webcam one is kinda fuzzy, but the subject is nice ;) And I'm all for the green Skittles changing to apple worldwide. We should start a movement!

    Nice work!

  3. Jennifer, these are great. All of them are wonderful.

  4. Hi Jennifer,
    Great photos!! Love all those shots of the Mayo college. Your Daffodils are beautiful! Thanks for stopping by my place. Have a great day!!


  5. nice job on the hunt... love your clock!

  6. Hi! Nice shots, all of them but #3 and #10 are my favourites. :)

    PS. Noticed your blog does not allow but blogger-users comments. Well, I have an account BUT my blog is in here:

  7. This looks like some interesting place where you live! Well done!! I would love a mojito like yours, it looks delicious! That classic car is awesome too!

  8. I like your collection, #23 with the wagon is my favorite :)

  9. They turned out great...I like how you ended up doing the drink...chop that lime and off we go!

    Homestead is pretty but my fave church in Roch (with the exception of the one I actually went to) is the Episcopal church downtown...that is a beautiful building.

    And if you haven't just roamed and visually explored the bas reliefs in the Plummer you gotta go do that. And swing into the Mayo building and check out the giant turning triangular thing with all the colors.

    Why no giant naked man???

  10. nice pics! i loved the one of the little girl on he swing!

  11. nice gleam on your car! nice job :)

  12. beautiful shots! the shoes are cool!

  13. Great photos, there isn't one I don't like, you did an excellent job.

  14. wow, love seeing your neck of the woods. LOL. Very neat scavenger hunt.